$300/song (complex mixes, ex. full band)

$200/song (simple mixes, ex. acoustic singer/songwriter; vocals over beat)



$50/song when combined with mixing services.

Discounts available for larger projects.



$200/full day (10 hours)

Drum Tracks:


Includes drum mixing and stems.

Discounts available for larger projects with multiple songs. Every project is unique so published rates are subject to change based on project specifics and your financial situation (sliding scale available for dope indie artists). Get in touch for a quote for your project.

These are published rates for freelance audio production services. I also work with artists as a producer and those financial models are different for each situation. If you’re interested in a producer, send me some of your music for me to check out. I’m also available for other production work like audio editing for film or live sound on a case by case basis.