Below you’ll find a collection of press coverage for MG O’Shea, his experimental electrorock solo project Kinjac, and projects he’s worked on.

iZotope Audio Blog – “Why Terra Naomi and M.G. O’Shea Chose Digital Mastering Over Analog on New EP”

Aston Microphones Blog – “Kathryn O’Shea performs stunning song ‘Sunflower’ with an Aston Spirit”

Bandcamp Daily – “Kinjac on Recording in a Haunted House and Embracing Darkness”

Mountain XPress – “Video premiere: “Vigil” by Aunt Vicki”

Immersive Atlanta – “Review of Snow by Kathryn O’Shea”

Mountain Xpress – “Premiere of Fall Music Video by Kathryn O’Shea”

Surviving The Golden Age – “Premiere of Possession Music Video by Kinjac”

Impose Magazine – “Premiere of Kinjac’s Remix of Stone by River Whyless”

The Big Takeover – “Premiere of Kinjac’s Remix of Chaos by Carolinabound”

Immersive Atlanta – “Premiere of Kinjac’s Single Tired Of You/Arrivals Featuring Kathryn O’Shea”

Verbicide Magazine – “Premiere of Kinjac’s Single What You Find and Lyric Video”

The Revue – “Premiere of Kinjac’s Single Champagne and Lyric Video”

Verbicide Magazine – “Premiere of Carolinabound’s Single Chaos”

Mountain Xpress – “Smart Bets: Kathryn O’Shea’s Album January 9th”

SheVille – “Kathryn O’Shea Presents Her Debut Album January 9th”

Encore Magazine – “Artistic Time Capsule: Kathryn O’Shea Opens Up About January 9th”