Michael Greer O’Shea is a mastering engineer based in Asheville, NC.

In addition to mastering, M.G. O’Shea is also an accomplished music producer, mixing engineer, recording engineer, drummer, and solo electronic artist by the name of Kinjac.

Born to a musical family, his mother is a classically trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who is a lifelong professional musician and his sister Kathryn O’Shea is a banjo-playing singer/songwriter who he produces. Though he now resides in Asheville, NC where he was born and raised, he has lived in Edinburgh, Scotland; Stockholm, Sweden; Nashville, TN; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; and Los Angeles, CA. He is also a video producer, graphic designer/photographer, writer, and he holds a degree in Philosophy from The Honors College at Western Carolina University where he wrote his thesis on the post-structuralist linguistic work of Jacques Derrida.

Contact: mastering@mgoshea.com

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